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Healthcare Resources

During the past few years, as we have navigated the pandemic together, we have really learned to truly appreciate the wealth of healthcare resources we have in our community. We have also learned where we have gaps and need to focus more attention moving forward. Hence, health and vaccine equity have become a top priority of Gwinnett Cares!

More than ever before we are working to ensure all Gwinnettians have access to factual healthcare information and resources we know we can trust. Listed here are some of the most in-demand healthcare resources our community seeks to stay healthy.

Gwinnett Health Finder

Are you un/underinsured? can help you find quality, affordable healthcare providers that will gladly serve you. Providers on this site offer alternate forms of payment than private-pay insurance including medicare, medicaid, Peachcare, income-based fee scale, and self-pay options. Use this great resource to find adult clinics, pediatric care, mental health resources, dental care, and specialty services near you.


Having Trouble Getting Your Prescriptions? Learn about Good Pill.

Georgia Cares

GeorgiaCares is the State’s Health Insurance Assistance Program. They provide free, unbiased, factual information about Medicare, Healthmarket, Medicare financial assistance programs and more. To learn more about their services, click here.

Mental Health

In this post-COVID world, mental health and well-being has become a top priority. We’ve been through a lot and more people are seeking emotional and mental health support than ever before. If you are insured, reach out to your insurance provider to explore what services are covered under you insurance plan. For those un/underinsured, start with a search on Gwinnett Health Finder’s mental health tab for a provider nearest you. View Point Health is also a great resource for behavioral health services.

COVID-19 Resources

Stay-in-the-Know FAQ

Download this fact sheet with the latest information on what to do if exposed, COVID symptoms, testing guidelines, test-to-treat locations, what to do if you test positive, the latest vaccine options, booster options, where to get vaccinated, and more!

What are the signs and symptoms of COVID-19?

Click here.

Are you symptomatic and need a COVID-19 test?

Learn more from the Gwinnett County Health Department or call 770-513-5631.

Get a free PCR test at Gwinnett’s 24/7 testing kiosk.

What to do if you are exposed to or test positive for COVID-19.

Follow these best practices.

Everyone age 6 months or older is now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination.

See what vaccines are currently available.

Find a vaccination site near you.

How Strong Is Your Shield of Protection Against COVID-19?

Take the Quiz in English
Take the Quiz in Spanish
Download the flyer in English
Download the flyer in Spanish

Do you have a personal COVID-19 Action Plan?

Get action steps in English and Spanish.

Have questions about the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Call the Georgia COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline at 1-888-357-0169

Still unsure about getting vaccinated?

Ask yourself these questions.

COVID-19 vaccinations benefit moms and babies.


COVID-19 Treatment Options

If you test positive for COVID-19 and are more likely to get very sick, treatments are available that can reduce your chances of hospitalization and death.

People who are more likely to get very sick include older adults (ages 50 years or more, with risk increasing with age), people who are unvaccinated, and people with certain medical conditions, such as chronic lung disease, heart disease, or a weakened immune system.

Medications to treat COVID-19 must be prescribed by a healthcare provider and started as soon as possible after diagnosis to be effective. The Treatment Locator ( can help you find a location that offers testing and treatment or a pharmacy where you can fill your prescription. Learn more here.

Are you experiencing Long COVID?

More and more people in our community are living with Long-COVID. This is a real medical condition where COVID symptoms linger and can become life-altering. Good Samaritan Health Centers of Gwinnett are now offering long-COVID evaluations to help patients get the specialized care they need. Watch this video to more about this condition and see the flyers below on how long-COVID can affect our bodies.

What is Long COVID?
Find a Post-COVID Care Center.
Learn about the Recover Initiative.
Willing to participate in a research study on the long-term health impacts of COVID? Click here.


Emotional Support Resources

Emotional Support Resources

Protecting You and Your Loved-Ones from All Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

We have learned through the pandemic just how important vaccines are to protecting us from life-threatening diseases. This is a great time for you to check on your immunization status against many other vaccine-preventable diseases.

Child and adolescent immunization schedule
Adult immunization schedule


Video Resources

Cazadores de mitos de COVID-19

Watch on YouTube HERE

Lessons Learned from Polio: How Vaccines Save Lives

Watch on YouTube HERE

Other Videos

Watch industry experts and learn about additional resources for a variety of needs here.

Additional Resources

Haven’t been vaccinated yet? Get your COVID-19 vaccine today!

Gwinnett offers you a multitude of sites to make it quick and easy.