Vax Fact: 54% of Gwinnett residents are fully vaccinated. We need to reach at least 70% to achieve herd immunity!
Vax Fact: The COVID-19 vaccines’ messenger RNA only stays in your body for a few weeks and then it is flushed out of your system. It doesn’t not embed into your DNA.
Vax Fact: COVID-19 vaccines do not negatively impact fertility or pregnancy. Vaccines actually provide much-needed protection to pregnant women and immunity to their babies.
Vax Fact: All COVID-19 vaccine ingredients are safe and fully revealed. They have been inspected, researched, and tested by scientists all around the world.
Vax Fact: COVID-19 vaccines work like a patch in a computer program. We simply need to upload new data into our immune system so it can fight off the virus.
Vax Fact: The mRNA biotechnology has been proven and used medically since 1990. Scientists simply had to adapt it to react specifically to the COVID-19 virus. That’s how it was brought it to market so quickly.
Vax Fact: The mRNA vaccines does not enter the nucleus of our cells nor do they alter our DNA.
Vax Fact: Natural antibodies generated after you contract COVID-19 only provides protection for a short time an doesn’t protect against different variants. Long-term protection can only be achieved by getting vaccinated.
Vax Fact: You can still get COVID-19 after being vaccinated, but it will likely be a much milder case. Vaccines are made to protect against severe illness and death.
Vax Fact: On December 11, 2021 we will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the COVID-19 vaccine. Almost 7 billion doses have been given worldwide. The vaccines have proven to be very safe and effective.
Vax Fact: No work visas, proof of citizenship, or health insurance is required to get a vaccine. This is a global pandemic and the vaccine is available to everyone, unconditionally!
Vax Fact: Research shows unvaccinated people are 5 times more likely to be infected, 29 times more likely to be hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die of COVID-19 than those vaccinated.

Caring For Our Community Through COVID-19

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We are Gwinnett’s “go to” source for information to help people in need find the resources they seek, to direct those wanting to help to where we need them most, to recruit volunteers to fill in gaps on the front lines, and to rally support for local non-profit addressing real-time needs. 

Gwinnett Cares is not a direct service provider and does not provide relief funds for people in need. Our role is to connect you to non-profit agencies and service providers that specialize in the areas where you need support. Let’s get started!

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Our Impact In The Community

Restore Robotics Donated Over 1 Million PPE Items to Local Nonprofits
Mills Vautrot, Vice President of Restore Robotics, contacted Gwinnett Cares to help donate and distribute a massive supply of personal protection equipment to Gwinnett nonprofit agencies.
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Catalyst Coalition Offers New Ethnic Food Pantry Service
As Catalyst Coalition saw more and more ethnically diverse families struggling to put food on the table, they had a vision to create ethnic-centric food pantries to better meet our community’s food needs.
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Gwinnett Cares Volunteers Make Homeless Warming Stations Possible
Because our community volunteers have been sharing information about warming station opportunities, we’ve reached our unsheltered neighbors who may not have otherwise known this resource is available. Your actions literally saved a life. Actually, 66 of them in a month’s time.
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Gwinnett Vaccines - 54% - 11/2/2021

54% of Gwinnett is Fully Vaccinated!

Find a vaccination site here:

Haven’t been vaccinated yet? Get your COVID-19 vaccine today!

Gwinnett offers you a multitude of sites to make it quick and easy.